Monday, May 30, 2016

It's Been a While...

I have not posted on my personal blog for quite some time, but it is not because I have not been writing! I have realized that my posts are fewer and farther between this year. As an extreme external processor, I am so grateful for such an amazing community of family, friends, supervisors, and fellow YAVs that are willing to listen to me process the difficult parts of this year. Since I have been able to do that processing elsewhere, it has felt less important to set aside the time to write specific reflections in a blog post.

Thankfully, my wonderful supervisor with NEXT Church, Jessica Tate, has given me a platform to write about some of my experiences with community organizing. One of the most poignant calls to action that we heard at the NEXT Church National Gathering in February was using our faith to serve God by bettering our communities, wherever we are. I have had the wonderful privilege this year to be able to talk the talk and walk the walk, living out the call to go and serve. I have the opportunity to serve in a parish ministry context, as well as thinking broadly and critically of our work in our communities...and then I get to act on it!

In April, I wrote a series of blogs reflecting on community organizing and how it can work with the church. As I continue to discern, I am increasingly hearing God call me to serve and minister through community organizing. I invite you to peruse them at your leisure!

In chronological order:
Community Work, Transforming the World: A brief intro about why community organizing
Activism vs. Organizing: Processing the time I almost got arrested (on purpose)
Challenges of Organizing a Movement: The reflection that took a surprising turn to thinking theologically about community organizing
The Art of Meeting: If we are going to spend so much time meeting, we may as well do it better. For me, that means we meet in relationship with each other.
Victory! Now What?: The work doesn't end just because you got a win. What are the next steps?

I promise more posts will be coming soon! Lots of good stuff is just percolating in my head and is about ripe enough to put to text!